Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wellen Body Surf Art Show a Success

photo Pierce Kavanagh

Skye Walker 

photo Pierce Kavanagh

photo EL

Matt Jung form Wellen put on a very cool, first I've ever I've heard of, Body Surfing Art Show at their old HQ. Complete with original artwork by the artists Skye Walker, Keiron [Seamouse] Lewis, Ciro Bicudo, Jen Peters, Anthony Faucheuxthat who work with Wellen. 

We were lucky enough to get invited to join in on the fun. For our part we brought eight handplanes to display along with a little impromptu wave sculpture I made out of scrap card board and hemp string complete with little hemp string bodysurfer. (Not pictured but added in the night by Kipp was a beer tab for an handplane.) 

Thanks to Matt from Wellen for inviting us!
Thanks to all the artists that participated in making the Art Colab models with us! If anyone wants a handplane painted up by one of them let us know.

As more pictures come in from the event we'll post them.

Clockwise from the top center:

"The Greener Blue", Resin Tint on Foam by Kipp Denslow
"The Yellow Mexi", Resin Tint on Foam by Kipp Denslow
Untitled, Acrylic on Hot Coat by Tak Aoyama
"Enjoy the Universe", Airbrush on Hot Coat by Peter St. Pierre
"Tinny Bubbles", Pencil on Foam and Resin Tint by Ed Lewis and Kipp Denslow  
"The Crabby Trilobite", Posca Pen on Hot Coat by JP St. Pierre
"Orange Iket", Acrylic on Hot Coat by Susan WickStrand
"The Harder They Come", Acrylic on Hot Coat by Jeremy Farson. 


Untitled, Cardboard and Hemp String by Ed Lewis

photo EL

photo Pierce Kavanagh

photo Pierce Kavanagh

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hang Five by Tak

More cool board art by Tak Aoyama. This one is titled Hang Five.  Check out more of his work at:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some New Eco Art by Rodney McCoubrey

Photos and artwork By Rodney McCoubrey

As part of our Enjoy Handplane project we team up with local Eco Artist Rodney "Rodrigo" McCounbrey in a "Leftovers' program to use our left over parts to make art. He is amazing. Thanks to all who support our handplane project and donate boards as this is part of the love that comes from your gift. If anyone wants one let us know. We'll connect you with Rodrigo.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Corey's Messer's New Quad Fish

Corey with his new fish shaped by Dennis Murphy. Corey painted this board up himself prior to glass!  It looks amazing. Good job Corey!!!

John Culqui Show at International Surf Museum Huntington Beach

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Fun on the 101 - a festival of surfy music!

What: The 2nd annual Summer Fun on the 101 event featuring 16 bands.

When: Friday July 8th and Saturday July 9th

Friday: 6 pm Lou's Records and Ducky Waddle's at 434 North Coast Highway 101 Leucadia, CA 92024

Saturday: 9 am beach clean up. Moonlight Beach walking north to Beacon's Beach.

Noon-8pm music in the 
Leucadia Roadside Park (at Leucadia Blvd and coast highway 101)

8pm-10pm music at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop 974 N Coast Hwy 101(2 blocks north of the roadside park).

Who: Mattson 2, Slacktone, The Blank Tapes, Dirty Gold, The Fink Bombs, Space Nature, Aloha Radio, Todd Day Wait, Trouble in the Wind, Glen and the Boys, Starfish, Alejandro’s Awesome Surf Band, Tropical Breeze, Tower 7, Old Tiger, Boaz

Why: Because it's summer time! (and a chance to check out and enjoy our funky little beach town of Leucadia.

Other stuff: Raffles, Beer Garden, charity stuff for Paul Ecke Elementary school. Presented by the odd couple of the Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association and The Ruthless Hippies
More info at


Canela Rose was born on Neptune underwater no less in 1993. She has been singing her whole life. Here is a little taste of her talent. Sent in from a proud father and good amigo Rodney McCoubrey.  Do these McCoubrey's have talent or what?

Happy 4th!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tak + enjoy = Artist Collaboration #9

Our friend and local Leucadia artist Tak Aoyama just dropped off a handplane he painted up for us for our artist collaboration project. He's the 9th artist we have worked with to date  and he came back with a handplane that blew us away. It is so unique, beautiful and subliminal. 

I love Tak's work because he thinks everything through. You will never hear out of Tak's mouth that there is something like a color  in his painting just because he likes that color. If something is in the painting it is because it has deep meaning to him and it conveys a message related to the overall piece. You can look at his work multiple times and find new things you missed the first few times around. 

All and all we are so stoked that Tak is on board to paint up some handplanes with us. This artist collaboration project is turning out to be so much fun.  If you'd like one like this (I think this one is going to hang on our wall!) then let us know and we'll connect you with Tak to do one special for you. Thank you Tak!!! Great job.
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