Monday, October 31, 2011

This is the 1%.

I couldn't resist. The best thing I've seen in a long time. The 1% know how to light a house. Bravo.

Happy Halloween Leucadia

Enjoy Handplane art by Erik Baldwin.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Susan Wickstrand - Roche featured in Slide Magazine

The lovely and extremely talented Susan Wickstrand - Roche gets one heck of a spread in the latest Slide Magazine. Slide is quickly becoming one of my favorite mags out there. Congratulations Susan!!! Stop by Mitch's or Barnes & Noble to pick up a copy.





Thursday, October 27, 2011



SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30TH    3:00 - 5:00PM

NEED A VOLUNTEER TO VIDEO (as a gift for the family)

       Questions? contact Malka 760.717.2652

Last Saturday morning at 3:30 am we lost a friend, musician and waterman. Leucadia local Paulo Mattioli bravely battled an aggressive brain tumor. Paulo was an amazing soul. He fought the tumor with the hopes that he could one day help others in his situation. I am grateful for knowing Paulo. He taught me that in the face of extreme challenges in one's life you can still choose joy and love. You can still choose to look at every day as a gift and do what brings you happiness. Even when his doctors told him not to he was in the water catching waves and sharing the stoke of his beloved break knowing that what matters is the moment. Here is to you Paulo. You'll be remembered.

Photos courtesy by David Gray

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

See this one?

“See this one?” was the title of the email this came in. I hadn’t. It looks pretty cool to me. Hope you like it.

Photo by David Gray

Damian Fulton

For those of you who have seen Manufacturing Stoke you are familiar with the work of Damian Fulton, the LA based artist more recently known for his “Urban Surf” vision. Damian's work in the movie always gets the attention of the audience. There isn't a screening I've gone to that his scene doesn't get a rise out of the viewers.

What I find amazing about Damian is that he is not just an extremely talented artist but he is truly generous as well. Supporting independent filmmaker's like Pierce and Petra Kavanagh with their project, living painting at Sacred Craft to raise money or just recently supporting the Surfing Heritage Foundation for the *Enjoy Handplanes art show where he painted one as a space ship complete with a pin up girl.

Damian truly inspires me and his work makes me think.  Thank you Damian for your generosity and your imagination. Both are needed in this world!


Fascinated with the relentless love/hate experience comes with living with one foot in the city and one foot in the sea, Los Angeles-based artist Damian Fulton creates a uniquely original “Urban Surf” vision instantly relatable to those persevering in today’s over stimulated, pop-industrialized world. Influenced by Norman Rockwell and Rick Griffin among others, Fulton’s imaginative blend of storytelling, scrambled pop imagery, and painterly technique belie a respect for traditions of the past. Fulton launched his art career as a cartoonist and illustrator for Surfer Publications and painted surf posters for Ocean Pacific. After doing time at Ogilvy and Mather Advertising in Los Angeles as Senior Partner Creative Director, and Marvel Productions as VP Head of Creative Development, he’s returned to his first love with a vengeance.

These prints available at:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

REMINDER- TONIGHT: Movie Screening and Handplane Art Exhibit Oct 22nd

*Up to 20 hand painted, original artworks on Enjoy handplanes by some of surfing's best artists. 
Limited, intimate screening of Come Hell or High Water with Kieth Malloy. 

Benefits Surfing Heritage Foundation

Presented by Wellen

Movie Screening and Handplane Art Exhibit
Presented by Wellen, on Saturday night Oct. 22, 7-10PM 
we're screening Keith Malloy's new film, 
Come Hell or High Water. 

Raffle items include an Enjoy Handplane, a Patagonia Wetsuit, Nixon Watches and Headphones, Hobie Polarized Sunglasses and Products from Wellen! 

We will also be exhibiting and selling a series of Enjoy Handplanes, customized by Matt Beard, Aaron Bravo "Chivo", John Culqui, Kipp Denslow, Damian Fulton, Robb Havassy, Joe Hodnicki, Wade Koniakowsky, Ed Lewis, Rodney "Rodrigo" McCoubrey, Cher Pendarvis, J.P. St. Pierre, Peter St. Pierre, Rick Rietveld, Heather Ritts, Phil Roberts, Tak Aoyama, Skye Walker, Tyler Warren, Alex Weinstein, and Susan Wickstrand (bring your checkbooks, these unique handplanes will be available for sale on a "first-come, first purchase" basis).

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased by calling 949.388.0313 x0.

Surfing Heritage Foundation
110 Calle Iglesia · San Clemente · CA · 92672

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Behind the Lens with Dan Merkel by Doug Walker

"Dan Merkel is the legendary photographer who captured surfings most memorable images throughout the 1970's. Dan then went on in his career winning an EMMY as well as shooting on such classic movies as "Big Wednesday". I had a chance to follow Dan in NYC after Premiering the film "Lost & Found" with his camera while he photographed shooting his new love of panoramic images.

Dan Merkel is a PHOTOGRAPHER."- Doug Walker

My friend Doug is the up and coming filmmaker who did "Lost and Found" a new movie about 30,000 lost slides from Surfing Magazine he found at the Pasadena Flea-market. I just saw the film last weekend and was blown away by the stories. If you are into the history of surfing and the legends of the 70's (Aaron Chang, Dan Merkel, Bob Barbour, Bernie Baker, Buttons, Greg Weaver, Jock Sutherland, Rory Russell, Larry Bertlemann, Bobby Owens, Duncan Campbell & Gerry Lopez.) go see it. Even if you think you aren't into the 70's go see it. That era is a time that should not be forgotten as it led to everything today. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Grain in Analog by Max Schmige

When I went to Grain for the Re-Evolution event, one of the people I traveled with was Max Schmige, Director of Photography for Manufacturing Stoke.

Max is originally from Berlin but studied cinematography at the American Film Institute Conservatory. Max is pretty fresh out of school but has already done some amazing work. He is one talented lens-smith and did an unreal job with Manufacturing Stoke.

When I heard Max was coming I was excited as I thought he would bring some goodies on the trip to get some great images. I pictured him showing up with all kinds of digital cameras for us to play with.

When we got on the trip I found out he left all his digital equipment at home and brought a bag of film cameras instead. Since I have come into this photography world in the digital age I really hadn't had much experience with a real photographer and the process by which they shoot film. Hanging with Max was an education.

Now that 99.99% of us have switched to digital we take for granted the virtually unlimited pics we can take in one day without the need to reload or spend money and all the built in light meters, auto-focus, auto everything.

To say the least shooting with analog is a completely different experience. For example while I walk through a room taking frame after frame, shooting as I please without a worry of running out of shots, Max would set up and literately take 20 minutes a single shot. Finding the joy in every aspect of the process as he would test his light, set his camera and agonize over the perfect composition. All while  knowing he had limited film to get his best work.

During the trip the ongoing question was "Where's Max?". That was because as we went through our day Max would slip away and get caught up in a moment in light and space and have a blast shooting that one perfect shot.

As the trip progressed we all would check out shots on our laptops and get our accustomed instant gratification. It sort of felt like Max was missing out a bit at the time as we could all see our work and feed off it.  But when I looked at Max while were were doing this he wasn't concerned at all. He was like a kid waiting for Christmas knowing that the best part of the gift was the anticipation. The knowing you did your best and the excitement of opening that package from the film processor to see if you really do know your stuff.

At the end of the trip we all went our separate ways and frankly I forgot all about Max's photos. Like the rest of us my mind went on to the next thing and then next thing grinding through this world of next things.

That was until I got an email from Max from a file sharing site that had no text just a download. When I opened the folder of images I was pleasantly surprised to see Max's work and the reminder that paying attention and waiting for the outcome is fun and does pay off.

Thanks Max for that lesson.

The above images where all shot at Grain by Max on a old Canon with God knows what settings. Maybe he'll fill us in. The rest of the trip is waiting to be scanned and I can't wait (as usual) to see them all. Will I ever learn.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Enjoy Madonna" by Rodney McCoubrey

"Enjoy Madonna" by Rodney McCoubrey, broken board foam, Entropy bio epoxy, baja nails, barbed wire, end of resin cup.

In all the handplanes we have made we have had only one go horribly wrong to where we couldn't use it. We never like throwing anything away so we saved it knowing that some day it could be put to good use. To be honest I didn't know what the use was but our good friend Rodney did and he talked us into handing it over. I'm so stoked we did. Good work Rodney!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sacred Craft

Sacred Craft was amazing this year. It is always good but this year seemed even bigger and better then years past. Here are some great shots courtesy of Rodney McCoubrey. Enjoy.

The man of the hour, Carl Ekstrom. I was so happy to see him honored this year.

Leucadia resident and Andy Davis.

Local shapper Gary Hanel happy as ever. 

Mr Surfy Surfy himself. JP St. Pierre.

The Foam man Marty Gilchrist. 

Artist Joe Hodniki painted an Enjoy Handplane for the upcoming show at Surfing Heritage Foundation. We'll show you latter what he did. Unreal. 

My partner in all things handplane, Kipp Denslow and a tease of what is to come for the SHF art show. 

Me manning the booth.

Talking shop.

Photos by Rodney McCoubrey

Friday, October 7, 2011

Reminder TONIGHT Double Feature @ Bird's Shed

Tickets sold online only.
Buy them Here

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Transparentsea Voyage- California 2011

The Transparentsea Voyage is going on now. Follow the progress of Dave Rostovich and crew as they sail down the coast of Southern California in the same path as the Grey Wales, stop to do performances and educate people about what and why they are doing what they are. 

See a map here of where they stop and hold events. They are expected to be in San Diego Oct. 22nd (ish). Track them if you want to be a part f it. 

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