Sunday, February 15, 2009

Goodbye Bob Nanninga - Thank You For Protecting Leucadia

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Early Valentines Day morning we lost one of Leucadia's strongest and most passionate crusaders - Bob Nanninga. Although a native that never surfed, Bob dedicated his life to the preservation, health and quality of Leucadia, it's beaches, and the ocean. He was our personal Environmental Warrior. An avid believer of the spoken word who also had a remarkable gift of poetry and public speaking - Leucadians were somehow the lucky or "chosen" ones who were the recipients of this gift.

I will miss you dearly, Bob, 

Mrs. Anne


  1. I was really sad to hear about Bob. I had known him from afar through Anne and the work she did with him. The two were a great team and they brought out the best in each other. Bob was a legend for his proactive approach to the environment and especially when it came to Leucadia. I don't know of anyone who has fought as hard as he did to preserve what he loved in this town. There are some seriously large shoes to fill now that he is gone. Thanks for all you did for us Bob.

  2. As a former City Planner here for over 12 years, I had many good and fun conversations with Bob. I think I may have been the only person in City Hall that he could actually relate with - both trying to give back to Leucadia and protecting our local resources. He's was a cool guy.

  3. Bob was one of the most authentic people I have ever had met. He was kind, gentle, energetic, funny, and certainly honest. His environmentalism spanned far and wide, and he was the creator of the now popular Encinitas Environment Day. I remember asking him if I should run for Parks and Recreation Commissioner, as he had been on it for 6 years. He said "sure" go for it. It can't hurt. I did, and I can thank him for giving me the courage to stand up before the Encinitas City Council and state my case. I am now on that Commission thanks to Bob's belief in me. He taught me a lot about life and the courage to state your truth. I already miss you my friend. I know you are soaring and, knowing you, the Almighty is already hearing of ways to "go green". Your light and laughter will be missed.

  4. I was talking to my friend Carolyn, and I said, "I wonder if Bob will leave us a 'sign' somewhere?" Sure enough, the very next day, my husband and I were walking down Puebla street, and here is a 3 foot high carved wooden African statue lying on the ground. The figure is a man holding a very phallic looking spear, and it looked like something you would find over at Bob's house. Enjoy your new journey, my friend.

  5. Bob was one of the most brilliant, energetic and imaginative people I have ever known. Just the possibility of seeing him at E Street Cafe was reason enough to go. His passing is a huge loss for our community. I will miss him forever.

  6. This is from a different Anne who knew him through theater and always loved working with him on stage. My memories of performing with him are bringing tears now, but those memories will always be happy ones. Love you bobert Anne W-R

  7. If Bob could write his own epithath it might go something like this:
    The air is too precious to pollute.
    The sea is too precious to poison.

    I already miss you my friend. I was going to call you today and then I remembered-------.
    With love,
    Lorri (AKA, DOC ( the name Bob called me)

  8. A couple of years ago I stayed for week a block from the cafe, and would go in every day with my then 7-week-old son. Bob instantly made us feel like old friends, and locals. Ever since I've always made a point to go visit every time I'm in town for a cup of coffee and the latest Bobservation. I was very saddened to hear the news. I know he touched my life in an indelible way, and I'm sure hundreds like me. You are missed, Bob.

  9. It is a sad day
    for we have lost one who cared.
    The rain falls like tears.

  10. All of us at Detour already miss you Bob. You were so much a part of us the years you worked behind our front desk, and after.

    You have left this world a better place and in better shape. I could use you here in New Orleans, to look out for our suffering wetlands, so if you come back as an alligator, I'll look for you and toss you a vegi sandwich, sin mayo of course.

    Embrace your new world amigo and soar!

    Crystal Wells, and all of us at Detour Salon

  11. We enjoyed working with Bob during our time in Encinitas ---
    he added color and personality to the downtown Encinitas area -

    Don / POV


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