Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brownieeeeeeee - Art By Rodney McCoubrey

From the Studio of Rodney "Rodrigo" McCoubrey. "Brownie", made from a leftover from our handplane production.

"Here's a newbie inspired somehow by the changing of the season i really do love FALL and so im going to explore my earthtone stage all month and man oh man is it gettin rich, the ol' color palette. made from enjoy handplane's trash... a  recycled piece of fiberglass with a fin stuck on it and a whole bunch of brownzzzze.
enjoy rodrigo"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Roger Beal

During my trip to the Grain Re-Evolution event Pierce, Petra and Max from the Manufacturing Stoke crew and I stayed with legendary surfer, shaper, glasser and master ding man (Think Roper's east coast twin) Roger Beal, his lovey wife Lisa and son Tony. I had never before experienced the surfing culture of New England and once I was there I was blown away by the stoke that lives in these amazing surfers. 

I had never met Roger before but once I had it was like meeting a long lost brother. Roger is known for his days in La Jolla charging Black's, the Reefs and the Shores and shaping amazing boards for G&S, Rusty and his own RB La Jolla Reefs label. Then about 15 years ago he picked up and moved east to be close to family. In the end we lost a San Diego legend but the East Coast (Boston specifically) gained some good people and one hell of a shaper.  

To be a surfer in New England you have to be willing to travel. I realized quickly that we are a bit jaded here on the west coast as we get ridable surf at our home breaks almost year around. Boston is a bit different as depending on the swell you might travel to a state or two away just to score.

The shot above was on a surf check with Roger. Note the Shed shirt. Roger is a huge fan of the surf tee. If you meet him, hook him up with a tee. You'll get points for that. 

It was flat that day but that point on the the left wraps that wall on the right swell. On the other side of that land mass is a left. There are some unreal point setups there. Roger has them all dialed!

The New England home base shaping shed. In the winter, the outside is freezing. A couple of space heaters and production is in full swing.

Roger in his home away from home. He may be in Boston but La Jolla lives in him. Note the influences of Skip.

From times past. He mowed thousands of blanks in his heyday. A little memento to Clark hangs on the wall.

The shack is never far away.

Roger was/is a huge fan of Lopez. I like the little guy dropping in from behind.

Roger is part of the movement of working with sustainable materials. A paulownia fish waits his attention and interest in using materials like bio epoxy is in his future.

Son Tony is an artist at heart. At the ripe old age 16 he has starred in plays, hand made his own fabrics for beanies and painted a number of boards for his dad. At the Beal's Tony's art from growing up is everywhere. Even the shed door forever documents the day he got his first airbrush. 

Roger spends a good amount of time at the local Nor Eastern surf shop. They carry his boards and tees and Roger performs his ding magic for the locals. This board is one that was on display in the shop. It dawned some doodles by our own Lecuadia Legend Andy Davis.

I was pleasantly surprised to read my first Volume 1 Surfers Journal on a sofa in Boston. Who would have thought? This bound set of 1-4 was a gift from Lisa to Roger on his birthday in 1992. Now that is a present. You get points mama Beal!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Win an *enjoy Handplane TONIGHT at Come Hell or High Water

WIN THIS *enoy handplane TONIGHT at the "Come Hell or High Water" movie premier at the world famous La Palmoa Theater in Encinitas. Kipp and I will be there so come on down. So stoked to see this film!

Sept. 23
Encinitas, CA. @ La Paloma Theater
Tix Available @ Box Office Day of Event
Doors @ 7, Movie @ 8

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

100 Wave Challenge This Saturday!

If you haven't already heard of the 100 Wave challenge then take a look at the site. There are only a couple of days before the event and you can still join in on the fun. 

The event is a 12-hour surfing marathon to raise money for the Boys to Men Foundation - a non-profit organization that mentors underprivileged teenage boys here in San Diego and at centers all over the world.  Surfers who do the event try to catch as many waves as possible having gathered pledge commitments from family, friends and co-workers who sponsor them at a $1 per wave. 

The organization is amazing and is doing great work for teen boys that don't have dad's or other positive male role models. 

The basic idea is to catch 100 waves in 12 hours. Kipp will be doing the event for the *enjoy team and we are an event sponsor and will be donating an *enjoy Handplane to the first one to get 100 waves. If you want to join in on the fun go to there  site and sign up today. Hope to see everyone there!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bill Hickey - "Built to Last"

The stringer reads: Bill Hickey 8 • 11 San Francisco "Built To Last"

Happy customers.

Vintage Hickey's from private collectors.

Ocean Beach SF

At the Cardiff Classic yesterday I had the honor of meeting San Francisco surfer, shaper, painter, glasser, legend Bill Hickey. Bill has been shaping for 53 years. A resident of Ocean Beach SF until more recently when he moved down here to be close to family. Bill's boards are hand shaped and painted by him. They are beautiful and feature hand painted art including large "H" logo on deck, hand foiled fins and custom leash loops all by him. He has the boards glassed with S cloth, a very strong fiber glass less commonly used due to the added cost. Bill however insists on nothing but the best as on each board he writes "Built to Last". 

Bill takes a photo of each board with its owner. He had photos dating back to the 60's in albums until they were stolen out of his car. He has since started more albums, and proudly shows them off to interested viewers.

In an age of self promotion and hype I have to admit that Bill is the real deal doing what he does because not because he wants to be noticed but because he loves to make surfboards. 

If you want this (or a custom) beautiful, handmade, hand painted surfboard that lasts from a legend, give Bill a call at: 760-613-2279

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cardiff Classic "The Beard" Portraites


Pierce "The Beard" Kavanagh

Stop by the booth tomorrow and get your picture taken with "the beard". After hanging next to Sanuk all day with those crazy mustaches we had to join in on the fun. In the *enjoy way we made a cool beard out of cardboard based on our friend and handplane ambassador Pierce Kavanagh. Now you too can rock the full beard and stach.  To see more and get your portrait join our *enjoy handplanes group on facebook and check out the album. See you tomorrow!!!

Cardiff Surf Classic This Weekend

Kipp and I will be showing of handplanes and will have some demos to try out as well.  Stop by the booth and say hi!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grain Re-Evelution was a blast

The Grain Re-Evolution adventure a.k.a. "Grainstock" was an unbelievable experience.  We shared the experience with La Jolla legend and east coast transplant Roger Beal, his lovely wife Lisa and son Tony. They took us (Pierce and Petra Kavanagh, Max Schmige and myself) up to Maine form Boston in their motor home. Here are a few pics from the trip.

photo EL

Thank God for Roger's driving skills.  If you have ever traveled through Boston you may have noticed that they have some pretty crazy drivers. Roger is an old pro but it was sketchy none the less. 

photo EL
Pierce and Petra. The sun was bright and shinny after weeks of storms.

photo EL
Roger's son Tony is an old soul at just 16. Not only is one talented artist and actor he speak a few languages and even gives card readings. 

photo PMK

Max is the misfit pics director of photography for Manufacturing Stoke. Of German and Finish decent he is a man of few words and a genius behind the camera. 

photo PMK

photo PMK

The motor home was great because while on the road we got last minute details done.

photo EL
Once into Maine we had a challenge finding a close parking spot. Luckily we had a couple of bikes to get us down the the demo event.

 photo EL
It was good to see Rey from Entropy Resin here a the event. Re has helped us out a ton with *enjoy.
 photo EL

Long sands beach is a really cool spot. Once I got there I ditched the camera and went bodysurfing and surfing. This is a photo of a photo hung at Grain but it gives you an idea.

The Grain shop is everything I thought it would be. After 6 years of dreaming I was finally there and it felt so good.
 photo EL

photo PMK

photo EL

photo PMK

photo EL
 photo EL
 photo EL

The had a Screening of Under The Sun in the hay barn.
photo PMK

 photo PMK

Brad from Grain hosted a round table discussion on sustainability. It was so much fun to be a part of that.

 photo PMK

One of my favorite things is to meet everyone at these events. Having a booth at this was the perfect way for me to interact and answer questions about our handplanes.

 photo PMK

photo PMK

Max brought his vintage film camera with a slew of specialty films. He would set up and spend 20 mins for one shot.

Pierce being Pierce.

The Corduroy Gallery put on an art show that was very cool. Tyler Briggs the owner of Corduroy Gallery was actually the coordinator for the entire event. She deserves a standing ovation for doing the job she did.

One of my favorite parts of the event was seeing Pierce and Petra's film Manufacturing Stoke on the side of the the Grain Barn. What a cool experience.

The Speed of Sand was the house band. They where great. 

The bonfire was HUGE. it had to be at least 25 feet high.

At Grain even the clouds make waves. It's hard to see here but I watched these clouds spin off into little barrels all morning.

I think one of our favorite parts was waking up on the farm. It was great to relax in such a beautiful place and the dew was so beautiful on the grass.

If you went then you know how much fun it was. If you didn't there is always next year. Looks like they are already planning the next one.

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