Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lighting Bolt by Rory Russell for Sale

From the Lost and Found Collection

"Rory Russell is a legendary surfer from the 1970's who grew up on the North Shore. As a kid growing up all I saw was boards with large lightning bolts on them on these amazing waves and thats when I knew I wanted to surf. Today Rory lives in Kona and has a surfing school and has started shaping these classic boards again. I spoke with him today to let him know I was coming out to show the film and he said he has 2 boards he is shaping that are not glassed yet and that the buyers will have an opportunity to choose there own colors.

If interested give Rory a call. He's a great guy and you will not regret purchasing an amazing piece of art.808.333.2210"

Doug Walker
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