Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sacred Craft

Sacred Craft was amazing this year. It is always good but this year seemed even bigger and better then years past. Here are some great shots courtesy of Rodney McCoubrey. Enjoy.

The man of the hour, Carl Ekstrom. I was so happy to see him honored this year.

Leucadia resident and Andy Davis.

Local shapper Gary Hanel happy as ever. 

Mr Surfy Surfy himself. JP St. Pierre.

The Foam man Marty Gilchrist. 

Artist Joe Hodniki painted an Enjoy Handplane for the upcoming show at Surfing Heritage Foundation. We'll show you latter what he did. Unreal. 

My partner in all things handplane, Kipp Denslow and a tease of what is to come for the SHF art show. 

Me manning the booth.

Talking shop.

Photos by Rodney McCoubrey
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