Sunday, November 6, 2011

For Auction Today

What: *enjoy Handplane for silent auction.
When: 11:30am to 2:20 TODAY Sunday Nov 6th.
Where: Bali Hai Restaurant
Why: To rase money for a scholarship in the name of Skip and Donna Frye that goes to help good kids that ended up in continuation high school go to college.
Who: The Jonathan Tarr Foundation + Skip and Donna Frye

The Jonathan Tarr Foundation is an amazing organization. It is based in Encinitas and every year helps about 30 kids that want to go to collage with small starter scholarships to get their foot in the door. The kids that get these scholarships all went to continuation high school and all where recommended by their counselors to get the awards. These are bright kids that make a wrong turn at some point.

This organization recognizes that although you may make some bad choices along the way, you are not bad at heart and deserve to be given a second chance. Many of these kids start off to go to a JC and end up at 4 year prestigious colleges, graduating and going on to have very successful lives.

If it wasn't for the JTF no one would have helped them.

Todays auction is in conjunction with a humanitarian award being given to Skip and Donna Frye. Tickets for lunch and the ceremony are $55. All the proceeds go to the scholarships. If you want to attend. Call Sherry Yardley at 760-818-0462
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