Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Double Feature at Birds Shed - This Friday and Saturday

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Come see two of my favorite films of the year together in one night.  Manufacturing Stoke and Come Hell or High Water will play back to back this Friday and Saturday night only at Bird's Surf Shed. Does it get any better then that?  

This event is in conjunction with Sacred Craft. The Friday show is the kick off event for the weekend. If you are coming into town make sure you get your tickets online here so you have seats.  

I have had the great pleasure of touring with the misfit pictures crew to show Manufacturing Stoke and it has been a very special experience. The premier was at Bird's, the movie has circled the country as well as the globe and is now back home where it all began. It was always a dream of mine to make a film and I basicaly got to live the dream without all the hassle, so thank you guys for letting me tag along for the ride! 

Pierce "misfit" Kavanagh, the man behind Manufacturing Stoke. The film itself is amazing but how it was made is just as incredible. There aren't that many things in this world we get to witness as miracles, but the making of this films to me was just that. How often do you have an idea for a project, and never get it off the ground? How often do you let budgets and life in general get in your way of making it happen? For most of us it is more then they want to admit. For Pierce he saw his vision so clearly that he let nothing stand in his way. Not the money, not the time, not the road blocks not the fact he had never before made a film. Witnessing his journey is amazing to me and as this gains momentum it gets even better. Here is to you Pierce for your hard work and faith that if you focus hard and do your best you can make something amazing.

Special thanks to Bird, Pierce and Petra Kavanagh who have come together to put this on.  Bird's shed is the best place ever to see a surf film. If you have been before you know what I mean. You can not find any other venue like this, period. It is an amazing experience. 

Amazing boards everywhere so bring your check book. They are for sale.

The amazing visionary Bird and his lovely family. Another person who is off fulfilling his dream. Thank you Bird for reinventing the surf shop and bring your knowledge and expertise to our community.

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