Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Say Hello to Your Local Sustainable Surfboard Material

There is something about the Agave plant that intrigues me. It has a simple beauty and design. It is also an organic example of how surfboards get there strength. If you cut the Agave stalk up you would see how it has a super soft center and a super hard shell. That design is exactly how the modern surfboard is constructed. It is pretty cool how shapers like Gary Linden and Eli Mirandon have picked up on that and started to make functional high performance boards out of them. Not just wall hanging art, although they are worthy.

In terms of sustainability, it seems to be a pretty good material seeing that only when the plant has died is when it's wood is good to use. That and it grows wild just about everywhere in SoCal.

Hey, Mr. or Ms. Agave plant, live your life to the fullest and when you are done we'll take you out and get barreled on you. Are you cool with that? Shaka!

Here is such example, Eli riding an Agave board that he made with his own two hands and, well, took it out one day to get a few. (Leashless, no wetsuit on a winter day no less. I'm still blown away by this)

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