Friday, July 1, 2011

Tak + enjoy = Artist Collaboration #9

Our friend and local Leucadia artist Tak Aoyama just dropped off a handplane he painted up for us for our artist collaboration project. He's the 9th artist we have worked with to date  and he came back with a handplane that blew us away. It is so unique, beautiful and subliminal. 

I love Tak's work because he thinks everything through. You will never hear out of Tak's mouth that there is something like a color  in his painting just because he likes that color. If something is in the painting it is because it has deep meaning to him and it conveys a message related to the overall piece. You can look at his work multiple times and find new things you missed the first few times around. 

All and all we are so stoked that Tak is on board to paint up some handplanes with us. This artist collaboration project is turning out to be so much fun.  If you'd like one like this (I think this one is going to hang on our wall!) then let us know and we'll connect you with Tak to do one special for you. Thank you Tak!!! Great job.
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