Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bill Hickey - "Built to Last"

The stringer reads: Bill Hickey 8 • 11 San Francisco "Built To Last"

Happy customers.

Vintage Hickey's from private collectors.

Ocean Beach SF

At the Cardiff Classic yesterday I had the honor of meeting San Francisco surfer, shaper, painter, glasser, legend Bill Hickey. Bill has been shaping for 53 years. A resident of Ocean Beach SF until more recently when he moved down here to be close to family. Bill's boards are hand shaped and painted by him. They are beautiful and feature hand painted art including large "H" logo on deck, hand foiled fins and custom leash loops all by him. He has the boards glassed with S cloth, a very strong fiber glass less commonly used due to the added cost. Bill however insists on nothing but the best as on each board he writes "Built to Last". 

Bill takes a photo of each board with its owner. He had photos dating back to the 60's in albums until they were stolen out of his car. He has since started more albums, and proudly shows them off to interested viewers.

In an age of self promotion and hype I have to admit that Bill is the real deal doing what he does because not because he wants to be noticed but because he loves to make surfboards. 

If you want this (or a custom) beautiful, handmade, hand painted surfboard that lasts from a legend, give Bill a call at: 760-613-2279

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