Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Behind the Lens with Dan Merkel by Doug Walker

"Dan Merkel is the legendary photographer who captured surfings most memorable images throughout the 1970's. Dan then went on in his career winning an EMMY as well as shooting on such classic movies as "Big Wednesday". I had a chance to follow Dan in NYC after Premiering the film "Lost & Found" with his camera while he photographed shooting his new love of panoramic images.

Dan Merkel is a PHOTOGRAPHER."- Doug Walker

My friend Doug is the up and coming filmmaker who did "Lost and Found" a new movie about 30,000 lost slides from Surfing Magazine he found at the Pasadena Flea-market. I just saw the film last weekend and was blown away by the stories. If you are into the history of surfing and the legends of the 70's (Aaron Chang, Dan Merkel, Bob Barbour, Bernie Baker, Buttons, Greg Weaver, Jock Sutherland, Rory Russell, Larry Bertlemann, Bobby Owens, Duncan Campbell & Gerry Lopez.) go see it. Even if you think you aren't into the 70's go see it. That era is a time that should not be forgotten as it led to everything today. 

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